World vs. World!!

Hello world ++ !  It’s me! Again!  Dr_DragonM8_37, yes, of much fame! Last time I contacted you I was a native of Boletaria , but since then I was emigrated to an MMORPG (Pronounce: Em-Morp-Paguh!) and there is a joke within this Em-Morph-Paguh that it doesn’t even have a name because it’s just the real world!! ;]  I mean, is there a name for YOUR world, which in MY world is not THE world??  THINK ABOUT IT!  Continue reading “World vs. World!!”

I am Dr_DragonM8_37, resurfacing!

Hello world! My name is Dr_DragonM8_37 and I am a Level 89 Barbarian in the world of Boletaria which is in what foreigners call “Demon’s Soul’s”, but I just call it home!  My father was the most dextrous Temple Knight possible (crossbow specialism), and my mother was a Dark Priest with absol Optimised Build Quality , but they were both killed by a Black Phantom of only, like, Level 45, so WE DON’T GO THERE!!  <=8 Continue reading “I am Dr_DragonM8_37, resurfacing!”