Bye-bye choo-choo

Today I learnt a thing about love,
From my daughter, who is 1,
But nearly 2 (so we say she’s 2).

She pointed at the sky,
With a delight she could not contain,
Giddy and shaking with joy.

Choo-Choo! she cried,
At a plane (not a train).
She truly loved that thing she did not know.

She watched it as it went smaller in the sky,
Until it was no longer visible.

Then she looked to me with sudden sorrow,
But sighed with acceptance,
And waved her tiny hand,
“Bye-bye choo-choo.”

She swung her head back and pointed back up at the sky,
And made a simple request:
“More choo-choo.”

Inspired by my wonderful little Ori.

And next week we have another one due. More choo-choo.

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