One Machine, One Message

Very happy to say that my latest story, ‘One Machine, One Message’, has just been published in the awesome Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (Issue 85). It might be up your street if you (or a version of you on another timeline) is interested in time travel, parallel worlds, and other such things that make your head hurt. I’m very proud of this one, so do check it out!

Artwork generated by Dream AI and manipulated by Tom Dullemond of ASM

I started work on this story in 2017. It went somewhat into cryo until being defrosted in 2020. I have had so many amazing conversations with people about different drafts of it, where not only have I received invaluable feedback, but we’ve got lost exploring the concepts and/or drawing elaborate diagrams (if you read the story, you’ll understand why).

I’d like to thank at least the following people for these conversations (in no particular order): my mum, my brother, James, Rob, Ben, and Russell. I’d like to give a special thank you to Emily, for the long (seemingly endless?) conversations, not only in this timeline but probably countless others too.

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