These are my plays and screenplays, with details on past productions. If you’d like to produce them or use them in workshops etc, please just ask.

Remote Access

The only way Philip can cope with things is by calling for ‘remote access’ – a technician in a call centre takes control of his actions and emotions until he feels stable again. He is grateful for this service, but he can no longer afford the premium subscription and he’s worried about what will happen once he’s cut loose.  Performed at ‘The Science Fiction Theatre Festival’ at the Pleasance, June 2019. 

Two Together

Play destined for performance at e.g. The National, centred around the use, misuse and romantic implications of the Two Together Railcard. Performed as part of ‘Streatham Shorts’ at Streatham Theatre, September 2017. 

Being Charlie Kaufman

The British Theatre Guide said: “This must be the funniest short play on the Fringe 2005 and deserves to win awards. 5-star.” But make up your own mind.  Performed at Reading University and Edinburgh Fringe 2005.

At Death’s Doors

What would you do if you found yourself dead and ridiculed by God and Satan? And what’s more, your name’s Herman.  Performed at Cambridge University, Reading University, and Edinburgh Fringe 2004.

Mind Over Chatter

Probably the worst of my plays, but still one I’m proud of. I wrote most of it on a train to Bristol. Oh, and it’s about people living inside your head. Performed at Reading University  2004. 

At Death’s Doors (With Writer’s Elucidation)

The original man-meets-makers play with a running commentary and DVD-extras. For enthusiasts.

Switching On

(Screenplay)  A classic Bond Film: a father-son bond film. The only quirk is that they’re both brains in vats in each other’s parallel dimensions.

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