I am Dr_DragonM8_37, resurfacing!

Hello world! My name is Dr_DragonM8_37 and I am a Level 89 Barbarian in the world of Boletaria which is in what foreigners call “Demon’s Soul’s”, but I just call it home!  My father was the most dextrous Temple Knight possible (crossbow specialism), and my mother was a Dark Priest with absol Optimised Build Quality , but they were both killed by a Black Phantom of only, like, Level 45, so WE DON’T GO THERE!!  <=8 Continue reading “I am Dr_DragonM8_37, resurfacing!”

Diary Entry of Mr. Meyer Spoonbridge

I have a very middle-class friend called Mr. Meyer Spoonbridge who wants to make a habit of visiting working-class establishments. I managed to yoink this from his holdall:

Diary Entry, 14th July 2010

I am still trying to put myself together after a shocking episode at lunchtime today.  My colleague Jude Quinn – who is in all truth probably the most working class person I associate with – took me on a field trip of sorts to a place that sits right at the crest of his memory lane.  To all those not sharing in his nostalgia, it is known simply as The Pie Shop, and it can be found in the least salubrious quarters of Bexleyheath, to the west, where you are greeted by the grind of restless traffic, the endless rattle of a hundred prams being pushed by 15-year-old mothers serving cigarettes to their babes, and Pizza Hut. Continue reading “Diary Entry of Mr. Meyer Spoonbridge”