I am Dr_DragonM8_37, resurfacing!

Hello world! My name is Dr_DragonM8_37 and I am a Level 89 Barbarian in the world of Boletaria which is in what foreigners call “Demon’s Soul’s”, but I just call it home!  My father was the most dextrous Temple Knight possible (crossbow specialism), and my mother was a Dark Priest with absol Optimised Build Quality , but they were both killed by a Black Phantom of only, like, Level 45, so WE DON’T GO THERE!!  <=8

No, but serious.  On holidays I venture into your realm, what my fellow demon slayers call The Meat Sphere.  Watch me resurface every now and again, I will write you!  In your world I have to collect these power-ups called Vials of Coke and Pizzas of Domino’s and make use of weird things named Toilets to restore Endurance.  I tell you one thing, no pissing in my home country!


But serious, you should come visit some time, everyone’s welcome! 😀 The Nexus offers cheap flights in (!) but WARNING don’t come in without IMMEDIATELY picking up the Thief Ring from the twin dragons’ lair in 1-1, and the only currency we accept is Souls… sorry!  You’ll like it more than, like, WoW, I lived there for, like, 4 years, WASTE OF MY LIFE!! :O

Right, I’m going home now, bye bye!  Wish me luck against Flamelurker (3rd play through). Actually, I can’t lose, just upgraded Scimitar to +10, and finally got Strength to level for Flame Resistant Plate Armour – I know, I know, TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Byee! X x 😉 x x

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