World vs. World!!

Hello world ++ !  It’s me! Again!  Dr_DragonM8_37, yes, of much fame! Last time I contacted you I was a native of Boletaria , but since then I was emigrated to an MMORPG (Pronounce: Em-Morp-Paguh!) and there is a joke within this Em-Morph-Paguh that it doesn’t even have a name because it’s just the real world!! ;]  I mean, is there a name for YOUR world, which in MY world is not THE world??  THINK ABOUT IT! 

As per is usual, let us get serious.  Me and my friends from ‘Earth 3.0’ (where you live!) were trading information about each other’s worlds. I told them “man! there is no end to how involved it is possible to get in my Em-Morp-Paguh!”.   XP lets you climb the ranks, you go discuss topics in the Combined Council of Dwarves and Elves (that is, if your clan does not need you for a raid – uh-oh, once I was the only Mage with Resurrect Major, and I had to go to the toilet and let me tell you NOBODY WAS ROFLING!!).

We are always talking to each other, then we hit the message boards (arm yourself with ‘Glass Armour with Troll Resistance’!) and we talk more, and we say what needs to be buffed and nerfed (badded and gooded!), and if we don’t like it we say “HEY!  LISTEN UP! HERE’S A POLL!” (with some freaky good animation of hot girls or whatever) and if that’s no good we give a “WELL HERE’S AN IDEA FOR A MOD!” and someone makes the mod if they are awesome coders.  Or we say: “WE’RE LEAVING! KEEP YOUR CRUMMY EM-MORP-PAGUH!  WE’LL FIND ANOTHER HOME WITH HOTTER ELVES!”

Man. Sorry, I got a bit CAPS-CRAZY.  One of my friends ($$xxStevexx$$ – he’s a Level 78 Dark Sorcerer, so you should check him out), he in fact only TYPES IN CAPITALS AND THEN WHEN HE WANTS TO shout HE WRITES IN lower case. omg.

Back to it.  My friends from Earth 3.0, they said, “Huh, that’s neat, in my world if you want to change things you just DON’T!”  Once in 4 years you get to tick a piece of paper, it’s really hard to get the XP to join any Council, and yeah there are forums but none of the game-devs check them out, like, ever.  And if there is some bug in the game, or some exploit that the players rag, then there ain’t nothing to be done about it!  And I was listening to him sadly saying all of this, and I said – “MAN, GET A REFUND ON that GAME!!!!!”

Oh, I got to run, I’m late for the wedding of my friends Bish+<|:-)# and xXLiteXx, I find it so cute when a goblin gets together with a dwarf.

GG! Byeee! :-* x

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