Introducing ‘Kurt Vonnegut Tweets’

Listen: On 11th November I’m going to start tweeting as Kurt Vonnegut, taking 1000 tweets to take him all the way from early childhood to death (which sounds pretty exhausting, for both him and me).  It’s going to be a right old roller-coaster and I’d love for you to jump on board: @VonnegutTweets.

I’ve been a huge Vonnegut-nut for years and I’m loving putting together these tweets. If nothing else, they’re giving me a great excuse to re-read his short stories and novels.  Yes, Vonnegut is already pretty big on Twitter, but most tweets only go as far as a choice inspirational quote of his, written in a quirky retro font, on a photo of something like a the Rocky mountains or a fancy beach.  We can do better than that.  (However, it must be noted that he probably would’ve endorsed such tweets: in his dusky years a favourite form of correspondence of his was sending postcards just with a few huge words like, “Life is no way to treat an animal.”)

Besides, if I don’t tweet as him, sooner or later Kilgore Trout probably will.

For more on this project, why I’m doing it, and arguments for and against whether Vonnegut would’ve hated it, please see here.  I hope you enjoy the tweets.

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