Hiatus (for some)

Apologies (to the entire Zeph Auerbach fanbase) for the low rate of updates recently. I’ve basically been very busy. I don’t want to go into everything, but this summer I’ve had to work really, really hard to defend our power cores, in a number of strategic grid-based locations, from swarm after swarm of mindless alien scum. Look, if someone didn’t do it, we’d all be Homo Sapien Soup.

I thought it was going to be really easy: just erect some Guns with a good line of sight, and some Infernos at the choke points, and then go and play some hacky sack or whatever. But before you know it, they’ve got shields – so you need Cannons – and they’ve got stealth – so you need Command Centres – and then they’ve got a Rumbler wheedling its way through your death-maze, and you’re like ‘Guys, just go and enjoy the sun, I’ve got to upgrade some towers, I’ll be there in a bit’, but you’re not, because you chose your upgrades poorly and you’ve got a dozen Rhinos stomping through with literally all of your cores, apparently impervious to everything.

And you didn’t build enough Lasers. What kind of idiot were you, to not build enough Lasers?

So look, I’m not looking for sympathy or appreciation or hero-worship or deification or anything like that, but I do want people to appreciate that if I didn’t spend so much time painstakingly constructing patterns of towers to send the Juggernauts and the Turtles and the Seekers (oh my, the Seekers) on ridiculously elaborate long-cuts, nobody else would have much of a summer to enjoy. Before you knew it, we’d all be ambling around labyrinths, trying to sniff out horizontal or vertical (but not diagonal) gaps, slaves to the very resources which once gave us our freedom.

So enjoy your hiatus. I’ve got a grid to maintain.




One thought on “Hiatus (for some)”

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